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Rampaging Monsters
8:27 a.m. - 2012-09-02

We seem to be having lots of social engagements lately which is unusual for me. I am a socially lazy person, really, and like to be home in my lounge-around clothes knitting or sewing and listening to books-on-tape.

We went to the tea party in The City, were taken out to dinner for our anniversary by the spouse's mom and sister, and have some more events coming up. It is fun, but I find it tiring as a lazy person would. Last night we went to a fundraising function for the Wreath Project which has a goal to put Christmas wreaths on every single grave in the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery up in Dixon (a new national cemetery). Of course, every year there are more graves so every year they need more money and volunteers. The fundraising dinner and auction is entertaining and the food is great, and it is held at a ranch. People dress very casually so that is more comfortable. They had a band and lots of people were doing line dancing which I enjoy watching.

The garden is still producing, Oscar the neighbor dog is still trying to break through the fence and kill us all, and the weather is still hot, though cooler this week. In sewing news, I finished hemming A's skirt and M's pants, and am pondering the next project. In the meantime, I finished all the 83 African Flower motifs needed for the new afghan and will soon start on the cream borders and the assembly. I never thought I would get into crochet, but my mind wants what it wants and there is no plan or roadmap. I am also working on a yard-long piece of lace crochet using hairpin lace and a vintage pattern, but that is for when I am watching my new DVDs of science fiction movies.

I found a DVD set at T@rget that was only $9.99 and contained 50 movies. The selection is pretty fun, the quality is low, and some are redubbed foreign films. I am enjoying them in all their awfulness. Some date from the 50's but most are from the 70's and 80's which was apparently a pretty funky time for low-budget science fiction films. I did run across one with Mark Hamill (who is actually a pretty good actor), Ben Kingsley, and Bill Paxton called Slipstream. I had, of course, never heard of it before.

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