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Back Again
11:51 a.m. - 2012-12-16

I see from my last entry that my computer was working on Halloween day, but it crashed shortly thereafter. I thought it was something minor and that our tech lady would just drop in and adjust a few things to get it started again, but no, she had to be a computer coroner and tell us it was totally kaput. A definitely dead hard drive. Luckily, our daughter had talked us into a backup device so all of our files were saved. It took about a month to get our act together, and I noticed that during the down time I was very relaxed with a lot less stress and more creativity. I spent a lot of time on various projects and even did some housework, heaven forbid.

Now I have had to do a lot of stressful things, stressful because I am a tech illiterate, but luckily for us, our daughters have been able to help with the new installations and general trouble shooting. I do have a program for pattern drafting that didn't load on the new Windows 7 (we were told to avoid Windows 8 at all costs by our tech lady) but my daughter did something to the program and it not only loaded but now works fine. She also helped me get my programs that work with the embroidery machine loaded and working, so I was very pleased.

Besides computer hassles, we were supposed to go to the company Christmas party this weekend, and I had new shoes and had ironed my usual special occasion outfit, but some business problems came up that meant the spouse would not have time to go. I was really cheered up by this since that meant I wouldn't miss the tea party my niece was hosting at a local tea shoppe. We have these reunions every 6 months or so to catch up on the gossip, and this time all the women on that side of the family were able to attend. It was fabulous, and we all had a great time. It is expensive, though, so my daughter says we should have the next one at her house. We could all bring a tea we like, and we could potluck the tea party food. This could be really fun, and lots cheaper.

I still have not started the Christmas shopping, or baking, and this year I am supposed to make zombies, deviled eggs, and potato soup. I'm going to start the shopping tomorrow.

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