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Post Christmas Clean-up
1:10 p.m. - 2012-12-27

Christmas tired me out, and I lost the next day to a nap that caught me by surprise. There wasn't any time to think of anything new to cook for dinner, so I was forced to heat up the leftovers of the Christmas breakfast casserole, which delighted both of us. That casserole was amazingly delicious and tasted just as good reheated. I thought I would have lots of leftover fried sausage from the 3-lb log, but after I fried it up and took out 1/3 of it for the casserole, I kept seeing the spouse loitering by the stove, and then there was not as much sausage leftover as I expected.

The English Christmas dinner was also very good, especially the Yorkshire pudding. They let me take home some leftovers, and it is even good cold as a snack. We got to meet our new great nephew, and he is a very cute, energetic baby who is not afraid of strangers.

Now that Christmas is over, I'll have to start thinking about my seed order. I ended up not sending one in last year and just used the seeds I already had. The garden was fine, so I saved some money. Every year we try to make the garden a little bigger and better. Our squash crop last season was tremendous. I am baking it up and freezing the squash as freezer space permits. So far I have already made squash bread, rolls, soup, and just plain squash as a vegetable. Luckily, it is butternut squash, so tastes wonderful.

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