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Turquoise V-Neck
5:17 p.m. - 2013-01-05

My days are defined by whatever sweater I am knitting/sewing together that day. Today it was the sweater described in the title. I got both sleeves in and the side seams done, and because it is a pullover, no bands or buttonholes, hallelujah. After 8 or 9 sweaters, I am pretty tired of setting in the sleeves, so I drafted a raglan version and will try it out using some of the leftover variegated red/orange/yellow/red orange yarn that the afghan was made out of. I don't know what I was thinking, but the afghan took a lot less yarn than I thought and I ended up with 4 extra jumbo skeins.

Today was a nice day. I went on a walk with the spouse to the El Monte area where we stopped in at the used-book store and said hello to the owner whom the spouse knows from his work with the library foundation. WSP found a history book for himself, but I found nothing I didn't already own. Then we walked across the street to have breakfast at a place I never noticed before, though WSP says it has been there two years or more. It is where the Mongolian BBQ joint used to be. After that, we walked back home and got in the car and went to the hardware store where we got manure and potting soil, some seeds, and 4 climbing roses for the back fence. This year I am going to grow squash all along the chainlink fence, but hopefully the rose bushes will spread out and form a privacy screen and squirrel deterrent. Some of those climbing roses are covered with zillions of thorns.

I am looking forward to a busy, restful period now that the Christmas bustle is over, though this week I had the MIL over for New Years lunch, and my daughter stopped by for a meatloaf dinner on her way home from LA. I have a lot of design ideas rolling around in my head, and want to get started. I have tons of yarn, tons of fabric, and a wardrobe that needs help.

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