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11:52 a.m. - 2013-01-31

This year our goal is to get rid of the vast amount of stuff we have accumulated around the house, and I promised to be ruthless. So far, the spouse has not helped much by cleaning out the work storage unit and bringing home many boxes of documents that need to be culled, plus finding at least 4 boxes of crapola that belonged to me. Most of these were videos, so I sorted through those and was, indeed, ruthless. My urge to throw away movies was made easier by the bad behavior of some movie stars. For example, I used to love Arnold Schwartzenaeger movies (I know that name is probably spelled wrong, but I was winging it), but since he turned out to be a serial lying cheater, I just threw out all his movies without a second glance. I ended up with a collection of videos that I wanted to save and needed a place to put them. I had two nice wicker baskets filled with stuff that I emptied out and filled with the videos. One basket was full of magazines I was going to go through and cut out recipes or whatever (like that would ever really happen) so after I realized I was facing that job with dread, most of them went into the recycle bin. The other basket was full of stuff I was going to donate to the foster kids - some beginners cookbooks I have been collecting for this purpose, and all of my mom's aprons. I finally got off my duff, called the county and found out where to donate the stuff, and delivered it yesterday.

This all got me on the kick of sorting through all the piles of magazines, so that is what I have been doing. I am wondering if the spouse will find the recycle bin (really a huge trash can) too heavy to move come trash day. Today I am working on a cupboard full of magazines.

I finished up a few sweaters, a royal blue one that looked meh on me but good on M, so I gave it to her for wearing around the house. I finished a wildly bright cardigan for wearing to Stitches, and am now working on my first round yoke cardigan with color work on the yoke. It is slow going as I try to figure out how to hold two yarns at once for the color work, so I am on row 4 of 40 that have to be done. I did the body on the machine and am knitting the yoke by hand.

I saw the first almond blossoms of spring yesterday, so winter is slowly on its way out.

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