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Custard Pie
11:53 a.m. - 2013-02-17

I used to think that something was wrong with the work computer because every time I needed a capital 'C' it would type out small case. But now I notice that it happens on two other computers and several different keyboards, so the problem is me. You would think that after a lifetime of typing my own name, I would have the muscles to type a capital C.

Today is a lovely Sunday, and I am having the MIL over for Sunday dinner. She enjoys this so much and is so appreciative that she is a pleasure to cook for. Today I am making an easy menu, Pappy's Chicken, which is baked in the oven, and oven-roasted veggies using what I have in the fridge, which is carrots, potatoes from the bin, and
fennel. I love me some roasted fennel! WSP may stop at the Farmers' Market this morning when he is out and about, in which case I will also make a salad if he finds some arugula or mixed greens. Right now there is a custard pie baking, and I am about to load up the breadmaker with a large loaf of buttermilk bread. The benefit of all this cooking is that there will be leftovers for several meals during the week.

I bought the chicken at the Safeway this morning because it was on special with the store card, but when I got home I realized that they had charged me full price. I am not going to spend $11 on one chicken even if it is about 5 lbs. Luckily, the store is just down the road a bit, so I went back and got the difference in cash. I hate getting gypped, so even though it was another trip down there, I feel better about it.

The gray sweater is still waiting for its buttons, as is the flashy cardigan, but maybe I can get to that tomorrow. WSP has been filling in the trench along the back fence, and when he is done I will be able to plant the roses, the rest of the raspberries, and some daylilies and bulbs. We were both glad to see that the ivy he dug up all last year has not come back. My oh my, we hate ivy. It is ugly, prolific, and a habitat for vermin. It did keep Oscar at bay, though, so we are hoping the roses and berries grow fast.

Hmm, I just realized that I have eaten nothing yet today, so I'd better go rustle up some lunch.

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