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Sewing Week
11:14 a.m. - 2013-03-09

In an effort to start sewing again, I made myself a new checkbook, and it seems to have worked. So far this week, I have sewn M three tops for summer and spring wear. They were having a fabric sale with 50% at JoAnn's and I had an additional 20% off coupon, so I splurged on a few new and modern cotton prints. While sewing away, I have been listening to books-on-tape, and have run across some good ones and some bad ones. The one I just finished was about a couple who are in a plane that crashes into a mountain, and they have to survive and make it down the mountain. What made this one different and interesting was that the male was injured, and it was the woman who had to come up with the shelter and medical care, etc. The book was Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard.

So that's all I have been doing this week, except that one of the ladies at church said that I don't talk much but when I do I am profound. This was because, after a discussion about Lyme disease and how ticks in the desert don't carry it because they bite lizards and lizards have some sort of antibody against it (could this possibly be true??), I jokingly suggested to the lady who actually has the disease that she now needs to go bite a lizard.

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