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Sunday Dinner
7:49 a.m. - 2013-04-09

This week the MIL was coming for Sunday Dinner, so I used the opportunity to try and be a little more organized about it. I usually spend the day cooking and am exhausted by the time dinner rolls around. This week I was trying to clean out all the shows I have recorded on the television set, and I ran across a Pioneer Woman show in which she makes lasagna. My mind quickly inventoried the fridge, freezer, and cupboards, and I realized that I had all the ingredients. I used to lack a lasagna pan, but now have two or three big pyrex pans that used to be my mom's. I made the lasagna on Saturday and also fixed up a loaf of garlic bread and put both in the fridge. Later that day, I made a batch of chocolate pudding. On Sunday, all I had to do was pop the lasagna and bread in the oven and mix up some green beans with secret sauce.

I have to compliment the Pioneer Woman because that lasagna got more rave reviews than any I have ever made before. It was easy to do and used readily available, less expensive ingredients like cottage cheese. Very good!

The seed starting has begun. In addition to the veggies and such, I have several packages of interesting poppy varieties to try including one that has apricot tones. I keep growing interesting California poppy colors and am starting to see them spread around the yard.

Today will have more seed starting and some pattern adjustments made, and maybe I'll finish off that pair of socks for A.

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