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Lost In Geezerville
5:56 p.m. - 2013-08-02

This has been an interesting two weeks. I changed my diet to the healthy DASH diet and am eating lots of fruits and vegetables. In addition to that, I am walking a half hour a day, at least. The spouse and I were disgusted by our bathroom scale because it could give you any weight within 5 pounds up or down of the real weight so you never knew where you were. I gave up on that scale and bought a new one which is digital and has such a slim profile that the door passes right over it instead of bumping into it. This is quite handy.

Today we went for a drive up to the Gold Country and took along my MIL. She loves to get out for drive. We went to Placerville and walked around to the shops, then we drove to Auburn and found a fantastic little local place to have lunch. The food was great and the servings were huge. I had the Famous Fruit Salad, and I should have ordered the small instead of the large because I could only eat half of it. It had fabulously fresh fruits and berries topped by a scoop of cottage cheese which was topped by nuts, wheat germ, and a drizzle of honey. WSP had a Reuben sandwich of giantic proportions accompanied by one of the best potato salads I've ever tasted in a restaurant, and my MIL had a Shrimp Louie which she loved. Then, after lunch, WSP wanted to drive home by back roads. He headed in a direction he thought would take us through farm country and bucolic scenes, but we ended up lost in Lincoln in an area full of new developments that are inhabited by lots of retirees. Beige house after beige house by the hundreds all corralled by high stone fences so that only the beige and the roofs were visible. So boring. It was a beige wilderness. Finally, we found our way out and got back on the freeway, giving up on the back roads for a quick trip home.

The important thing is that my MIL had a great time so we met our goal.

I finally finished the afghan I was working on which is good because I was totally tired of looking at it. Now it goes into the pile of afghans on the end of the guest bed. I'm pretty sure my interest in crochet has waned for the time being, so back to the knitting.

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