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To Do List
11:56 a.m. - 2013-10-26

Fall is a busy time for our household, and was more hectic than usual this year. We, like lots of other unfortunate people, lost our health insurance coverage and had to scramble around to get reinstated. I was right in the middle of some scheduled tests, plus it is the flu shot time of year, so we concentrated on my coverage first, and now we have to get the spouse's coverage taken care of. Then there are the usual fall chores like the harvest, the heater check, the roof inspection, and this year some extra plumbing fixes.

Right now I am trying to get the sewing mojo going again and have cut out an aqua top for M. The reason that not so much got done this summer is partly because I became addicted to Korean dramas. I watch them on Hulu and try to be productive whilst wasting my time on entertainment by knitting socks for A or ribbings for new sweaters for me. I think I have 4 new cardigans that need buttons, so I should do that, too. I finished the small afghan along with any further urge to crochet. On the bright side, I have been making an effort to actually wear my cardigans out and about and am practicing wardrobe selection on Polyvore.

During the summer I started the DASH program and have been pretty successful with lowering the cholesterol and losing weight. I am gradually fitting back into my clothes. It's always a great day when your jeans get too loose to wear. As a result of trying to change my diet, I got re-interested in vegetarian cooking, especially veggie burgers, and I've tried out several new recipes. My most successful effort was to make Yotam Ottolenghi's falafels which were delicious. This has made me interested in trying to make my own pita bread to eat with the falafels. Out of curiosity, I went to a restaurant that serves Greek and Mediterranean food, and compared their falafels to Ottolenghi's. No comparison at all, Ottolenghi's are ten times better.

I seem to have more energy in the morning so have been doing some decluttering and organizing. So far I have worked on the bedroom closet (there is no longer a danger of getting crushed in an avalanche of folded clothes), the linen closet, some pantry shelves, and the freezer. The benefit of this was immediate since I found a forgotten, but not expired, corn beef in the freezer and cooked it the next day for Sunday dinner. My MIL loves meat and potato dinners, and she is a pleasure to cook for.

I hear the dryer timer going off, so time to go fold laundry.

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