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A New Phase Of Life
5:50 p.m. - 2015-02-11

After years and years of roasting every summer, we are finally getting air conditioning. The work is almost over, and it will be strange to face the summer without dread. We still have the city inspections left to finish up, but luckily it will not be hot here for a few months, or one at least. I am remembering that we had some 90 degree days last year in March.

I have been gradually organizing and decluttering around here. It is easy to forget my accomplishments in this area so I will record them so I can feel proud of myself.

1. This was the biggest project. We took down the livingroom shelves which looked like a book-hoarder's paradise, got new taller shelves and ruthlessly culled the books. Now I can see all the books since they are not stacked three deep on the shelves.

2. Organized all the drawers of my t-shirts and tops, putting sleeveless in one drawer, long-sleeved shirts in another, etc.

3. Organized the pantry cupboards and put the new storage containers the spouse got me for Christmas to work holding beans and baking ingredients.

4. After putting the old LR shelves into the sewing room, we got new storage containers and bins and cleaned up the sewing room. I put all the fabric that was piled up in odd places into bins and stored it in the garage.

5. Made the laundry area in the garage neat and functional.

6. Started consolidating the recipes in all of my recipe binders. Most have been printed off from the internet over the years so are blank on the back of the sheet of paper, so I have been cutting out the recipes and glueing them to the backs of the sheets. This way there are less pages and I can cull the "Why on earth did I want this??" recipes.

7. Made the lower kitchen cabinet that holds ingredients and baking paraphernalia more functional. I put in pull-out bins that make it so much easier to find things, and neatened up my baking sheets and cooling racks.

As soon as the construction is done, I can start some new sewing projects. First up will be to sew some shopping bags since this state has gone nuts in places and after decades of telling us that paper bags were the work of the devil and to use plastic bags, now they are telling us that plastic bags are evil and we not only have to use paper bags but we have to pay for them. Well, it is enough to make an anti-environmentalist out of anyone, and I refuse to pay one cent for any bags. This means I have to sew some out of canvas so they will be washable. My daughter wants some, too.

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