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Year Of The Machines
9:41 p.m. - 2015-04-02

That's my motto for this year. I am supposed to actually make something using the serger and make an effort to use my other sewing machines. I read something that cured my reluctance to use some of the more complicated machines - that sewing machines do better the more you use them, and it stops them from getting all frozen up. I believe the article said to operate the dials and levers every time you go by the machine to get them in good tune. Anyhow, I reorganized the sewing room to fit more sewing machines on the long long desk, and set up the serger on the new little white table. Everything had been packed away during the recent construction.

My daughter wants me to make her a top, I am cutting out some knit tops for myself, and I want to make some more handbags. I did make the shopping bags and gave two to M, and made three for myself. Now if I could only remember to take them into the store when I get there instead of leaving them in the back of the car.

In addition to sorting out the sewing room, I have been organizing some cabinets and the freezer. My goodness, I had some stuff from 2012 in the deep dark depths of the chest freezer. I should really do the freezer clear out on the day before the garbage pickup instead of a week before because then the full garbage can would not hinder us for the rest of the week. It's nice to have lots of room in the freezer now. This week I have been cooking from the freezer using some gems that turned up in the cleanout. I found some lasagna, a pork roast I had forgotten about, and some soup. None of this stuff had expired yet, I had just forgotten about it. I put a list up on the cupboard door that has a record of what is lurking in the bottom of the freezer so that I don't let it expire. My daughter was delighted when I found another bag full of pesto containers, so she took those home with her. I also discovered that I have many many containers of applesauce made from the apples on our tree, and they expire in June, so there are lots of applesauce cakes and muffins in our immediate future.

Even though it is a drought year, we are going to have a little vegetable garden. I have started my seedlings - basil, squash, cucumbers, and a few flowers. I got some more raspberry bushes (well, they will be bushes someday, right now they are just sticks) and we planted them along the back fence. The new little peach tree bloomed nicely this spring and maybe we will get a peach or two.

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