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Steam Heat
9:12 a.m. - 2002-09-14

Today we are going to attempt a joint venture - we are going to use the new steam cleaner to clean off the deck. Since I tried it on the kitchen cupboards and it took the finish right off in a small area, we think it should work on the deck. However, there needs to be one person steaming and one refilling periodically and maybe scrubbing (that's me). Right now he is out there cleaning the debris off. On the plus side, it is a lovely day after the really hot weather we have been having.

Right now on the TV is a football game for the college Angela attends. We are recording it so we can speed past the boring parts (the actual game) to the parts where they show the band. It seems to be pouring buckets there, Tropical Storm Anna or something, so that makes me wonder what happens to the instruments in the rain. Does the band have rain gear? Inquiring minds want to know. I asked him why they are wasting so much time showing the football team when it is the Band that matters!

At work the boxes of policies that need proofing are mounting up, and my in-house proofing lady is leaving next week, a victim of the August massacre (consolidation). I asked Dougie the boss man what we were going to do about the proofing and he said we would go along as before, and when I said "But Vickie is leaving!" he appeared to ponder but no ideas from that direction. I can see the future before me - my little desk surrounded by mounds of xerox boxes full of policies needing proofing, and proofed ones needing distribution. Somehow they have completely lost sight of the chain of events that are necessary to get the product out. My usual comment: Oh well.

So I have been doing the Windsor Pilates tapes for four days. On the first day I could not even do the sit-up type movement, I mean I could barely raise my head off the mat. Now it is easy. Such a change and so fast. Which reminds me that I have not done them yet today so I better go do that...

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