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3:36 pm - Sunday, Oct. 27, 2002

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Description: A twenty-eight year old woman trapped in a middle-aged body that surprises her every time she looks in the mirror. Who is that old lady and where did SHE come from?

Strengths: Resilient, clever, creative, observant, nurturing, and very very intelligent. Also brave, which has enabled her to mostly overcome shyness and succeed in the world.

Weaknesses: Shy and socially timid, buys too much fabric, yarn, and too many books (is there such a thing?). Has always been a hopeless procrastinator, though better now. Unforgiving.

Special Skills: Observant beyond the norm. Skilled in most needlecrafts. Can usually think of a way to make things work. Produced excellent grade of children, superior in all respects.

Weapons: Evil eye, sharp tongue, pointed needles, ready fistofdoom.

Refuses to tolerate:: Heat. Will not sweat to save money. Will, however, freeze to save money. Motto: As God is my witness, I will never be hot again!

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