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5:04 p.m. - 2002-08-22

Early last spring, we were joking around in the office, and Dougie kiddingly asked me if I wanted to be a "Closer" (a person who closes files at the title company where I work). I said no, having observed the frantic pace and stress of a closer's life at the end of the month. No thanks. Apparently, he was quite serious about the offer. Turns out to be a good good move on my part.

This Wednesday a meeting of all staff was called and it was announced that the much talked about and dreaded (but discounted by management) consolidation was really going to happen. The boss lady said that the departments to be phased out were residential and closing (me). Holy Cow, I thought, there goes my job, what am I to do??? She said that if no one had talked to us, we were not being axed. No one had talked to me, but I still did not feel safe. So after a night of worry, Dougie called me into his office and told me I am staying. Everyone else is going - all the lady closers, even Dougie himself. So LM has worked there for 11 years and is excellent at her job and they say so long, tough luck? No warning for everyone, just a shock. But if I was a closer by now, I would be gone too. Most are already getting job offers as the other title companies hover like vultures trying to pick off the good people. Almost everyone I worked with for the last year will be moving on. This is why I never believe the pap a company prints about "Our valued employees" and "Your glorious future with us".

So now I am relieved.

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