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A SpongeBob Week
7:40 a.m. - 2003-08-16

We decorated Darsey's desk with SpongeBob for her birthday, and I drew a few pictures for her with SpongeBob in various activities, including the one wearing capris and heels. I drew him on a surfboard in Hawaii, looking freaked out after working on a Windemere file, with his head down on the desk in despair after working with our computer program, and all dried up. Later, Darsey asked me to draw one in Raider regalia so I did, and she emailed me from the Bud website so I could print out a beer bottle to stick in his hand. This she presented to our boss, and it had the title, The Autumn Wind is a Sponge. If you are a Raider fan, that means something, but I am clueless. So you can see that the week was spent with full attention to business.

We went about our California activities, watching with interest the whining in the east about the electricity outage. We have long outages all the time, or used to before it became a political issue, so we seem to know better how to manage. We have our candles, lamps, and flashlights, and know how to protect our freezer supplies in case the power is out all night. Maybe it comes from having to be prepared for earthquakes all the time, we even have water stored up. I am lucky to live on a grid with priority because of the hospital and police station, so our power comes back on first. When we lived in Virginia, they were used to the hurricanes and storms coming up the coast, so people were better prepared there too.

Today I am going to the baby shower given by my cousin, Joey. I am not really sure who the shower is for (the result of having a million relatives) but I think it is my cousin's daughter-in-law. I did not recognize the name on the invitation, making me realize I never really knew my cousin's last name since she got married. How lame is that. When I was a kid, this set of cousins lived in El Sobrante, up a hill from the main street, and we used to visit them a lot. The oldest girl married a rich guy and moved away, but the twins are still in the area. My aunt has gone through several husbands since then, and I have never met the current "uncle", but January tells me he seems nice, and they have been married for some time now. My sister, January, is driving over to my dad's house where I will meet up with her, and we both will drive to the shower. We are supposed to be a surprise for my aunt, who is more interested in us now that my mom has died and we are the last tangible reminders of her.

I think there is a sale at the fabric store today, so I should go over there and check it out, because a person cannot have too many patterns.

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