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11:49 a.m. - 2003-10-31

As I get older, it gets harder to keep my personality tamped down for public consumption. I guess I just no longer care what the vast public thinks. Several days ago the ladies of my department were sitting around talking about what their costume would be for the company Halloween, and kept changing their minds about what to be for our Las Vegas theme. I said, "Well, it is Halloween, and if you want to be gory, you could come as Roy." Gasps went around the room, and Darsey said, "Cindy!!!?!!" But my cool boss, Sue, perked up and said "Yeah! You could have a tiger head attached to your cheek! And blood dripping down!"

Well, it is now lunch time and I came home for a bit. The costumes at work were really good, and Lissette came as Elvis, with an Elvis mask cut down to just the hair, white jumpsuit and all. She looked fab. We had spiders and togas and a Vegas Wedding Chapel. The head guy came around from the Corporate Division to judge the costumes (haven't heard who won yet) and I chatted with him a bit about his wife being in my high school class. He was pleased I remembered his wife but said he went there too, didn't I remember him. I said no, and he was a weensy bit put out. But he was a year ahead of me, so I said he must know my brother, and he remembered Eric quite well. Maybe he will remember me and arrange for me to get a raise -ha,ha, as if!

Got to rush back to work now. Oh, I did a file yesterday on some property owned by a family named Gin, and one was named Sloe, and the other Dry. Kind of like those Hogg sisters in Texas.

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