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End Of The School Year Saturday
10:05 a.m. - 2004-05-01

I am in the middle of spiffing up the girls' room before Abby gets home for the summer tomorrow. I had been using it as an extra closet for myself, but I managed to move the portable closet rod thingy to the sewing room, so all is well. I wasn't looking forward to trying to hang my work clothes in my tiny closet. I have the sheets on the bed, and am just waiting for the bedspread to get dry.

Next week I have a three-day vacation, and aside from having the electrician out to do some long-overdue repairs, I am thinking of things I would like to do. He says he will take the same days off, so we might take a drive somewhere pretty, like the Gold Country or to the coast. It is always nice to go to the coast in the hot weather, because it is almost always foggy and cool there. If I could find a nice coastal town with a good yarn shop, well, life would be good. I have reminded Amor several times of my impending absence, and every time he grimaces in anticipation of the dreaded namerun. He will be pleasantly surprised, probably, because except for the end-of-the-month day, it has not been bad lately. Except that it usually turns on him with a horrible day while I am gone, which amuses me but not him.

Time to go get my hair cut.

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