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Rosewood Pony Pair
5:48 p.m. - 2004-07-08

Well, I feel sort of stupid, because I went on my lunch hour to the neighboring town just to get some 10-inch size 8 needles, because the 14-inch ones are hitting the arms of chairs, and all they had were some rosewood ones for $15.95. Of course, I was forced to buy them, but when I got home and looked at Abby's sweater, I discovered that I am using 7's and not 8's. Oh well, I needed the 8's anyway, I suppose. I have lots of 7's already.

The yarn shop had moved into new quarters, but a nice man came out of the store next door as I was reading the "WE HAVE MOVED!!!" sign, and he told me where the new place was. What an improvement! It is now easy to park there, stuffed full of yarn, and much better than it ever was before. So I guess I now have a sort of local yarn shop. Still, I don't see why a yarn shop cannot carry the cheap but practical Boye needles as well as the fancy schmancy mucho buck needles. Not that I don't own quite a few Addi Turbos of my own, but for single points, I like metal. And bamboo stinks.

Because of my weekly visit to my dad, we are now watchers of Jeopardy, having been hooked by that guy who never loses. He has won about $800,000 as I write this, but it makes me wonder how he spent his youth, reading comic books and watching TV, and reading every book that ever was. He seems like a nice Mormon guy, and I wonder what he will do with all that money, and what will the show do if he never ever loses?

Better go finish up the dinner preparations. I am making chicken in mushroom soup gravy with rice and of course, cucumbers and radishes.

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