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Career Opportunities For Local Women
1:04 p.m. - 2005-01-22

It was very crowded at the book sale, and there was some lady grabbing a huge stack of the cookbooks, but we enjoyed it anyway. I got what looked like a good cookbook from a deli in Seattle, but when I got home and read it, it turned out to be a Seventh Day Adventist vegan cookbook. And I was looking for pot roast and potato knishes! But it is a beautiful cookbook so I will give it to Mary, who can eat all the tofu she wants. I got another Elena Zelayeta Mexican cookbook like the one my mom had, and the old Jack Spratt cookbook, from the 70's when low cholesterol cooking was just getting going. I used to check that one out of the library, and it has lots of good low cholesterol baking recipes in it. Then we went out to the Buttercup and I had the weirdest chicken fried steak ever. I guess after one has eaten the CFS at that BBQ place in Texas where my daughter lives, one is spoiled for the mundane.

The mailman just delivered our order from Herrschners, so I have some yarn to mail to Melissa, and some for myself in a lovely burnt orange color. Right now I am knitting another top in earthy colors, and it is looking good now that I have adjusted the pattern for the actual gauge. My first attempt, while long, is very comfy for wearing over a nightgown whilst puttering around the house, so no error is a complete loss. I am trying different edge treatments - the first had ribbing, the second a simple turned hem, and the current one a hem with a turning row.

The map lady at the office is still in the hospital, and no one had heard anything from her or her family in over a week, so I called the hospital and talked to her. She was as feisty as ever and had just raked her doctor over the coals for ignoring her and directing all conversation to her son as if she was a demented fool. This made me laugh. No word on when or if she is coming back, and the maps are stacking up.

The EG's are still down with that cold/flu but are much better, or at least sounded better when their son called to check on them yesterday. We have pretty much recovered and are back doing our exercises.

Here I was planning my dinner for tonight and I had completely forgotten that it is January's birthday dinner! I guess I will have to record the Japanese shows and not make the salmon patties I was planning. January is having chicken fingers and tator tots. I wonder if that is how you spell tator. I like it because it looks like gator and has an "O" like potato. I do believe she saw the tator tots in Jason's freezer and got a yen for them, since I guess they don't eat them at home. I wonder if they are kosher.

Had a strange thing happen this morning. He came in and asked if I thought it was wise to give a lift someplace to some strange girls who had walked by and asked him for a ride our in front of the house. I told him I would talk to them, so I did. I told them that we did not know them, so couldn't give them a lift, (one of them looked substance impaired) and I warned them about asking strange men for lifts, because there are several druggie and abusive types in the neighborhood. One of the girls was nice and the other was really strange, so she cursed me and they left. I hope they do not get themselves murdered, but they were just the type that if you gave them a lift, they would claim you molested them and would sue the pants off you (poor choice of metaphors). It is a strange world out there.

I was wondering if they were employees displaced by the raid last week on those ritzy new apartments across the street from the police station. Some woman was running a brothel out of one of those expensive apartments, and the police got the records and names of over 100 local men who were "customers". The neighbors must have complained about all the male visitors. Carrie and I were reading this in the paper at the office last week and when she saw that women were charging $230 or so an hour, we were comparing it unfavorably to our own meager wage. Pretty nervy setting up shop right across the street from the cops.

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