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Cinco Cinco Cinco
6:45 p.m. - 2005-05-05

Today was Cinco de Mayo, 5-5-05. I guess we looked like we needed a morale booster, so the office put on a celebration, with catered Mexican food and a pinata. When the pinata broke, there were, in addition to the candy, little wooden maracas with "2 hours off" written on them, one for each of us. While we were looking at these, Paul said to us, "Let me see your maracas," then paused and said "Gee, the last time I said that, I got slapped!"

While I am waiting for Abby to get home this weekend, I rewarded myself with two new cookboods, well, no, make that three. One is called "Saving Dinner" with menu plans and shopping lists (because I am interested in organization even though I can't seem to apply it to my real life). I also got "Get Saucy", which has recipes for sauces and marinades, pestos and the like. This is an excellent book, and it looks like one I will use a lot. The other book snuck up on me, and I had to buy it, because I have all the King Arthur Flour books and must have this one, The Cookie Companion.

On the commercial for the new LOST, it certainly looked like Locke got shot, but it was the old "only grazed" trick. Why oh why didn't they kill off Shannon, who surely is one of the TV world's most irritating females. Well, come to think of it, if she had been that singing lady from Survivor, the passengers would have killed her off in the plane, instead of waiting for the crash. My dad was noting that we all knew the names of most of the LOST characters, but none of us could remember the name of the dog. What is it?

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