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How Cheesy
4:00 p.m. - 2005-05-01

Working hard today, but it is fun, so that's OK. So far I have stripped the bed, washed the linens, gone to church, chatted up the EG's, done grocery shopping, and made dinner. Today was my parmesan cheese day, which means that I go buy chunks of cheese, bring them home and grate them up, package, label, and freeze. I used to buy the parmesan from the Italian deli, but when the price went to over $20 something a pound, I started looking around. Today I tried the Costco cheeses. I got Romano, parmesan, and grano podano, all imported. The prices were only about half of the deli prices. I am thinking that I like the grano podano better than the parmesano reggiano, but time will tell. Also got some provolone, which I have never bought before. Today, I am all about the cheese.

I even cooked a recipe for oven-baked parmesan chicken, in which the coating is mostly cheese, with only about 1/3 bread crumbs. Smells pretty good, but haven't dished up yet. Also making cole slaw and fried potatoes. I was looking at his grandma's old recipe binder, and she had a whole section of torte recipes. I do not come from a torte background, so I find this interesting. His mom used to make a forgotten cake, which was a meringue that you stuck in a hot oven, then turned the oven off and let it sit there overnight. The next day you slathered it in whipped cream and I do declare, it was fabulously good. I have never made one, but one of these days I am going to try it.

He has been busy in the yard, pulling the weeds out of the bricks. Usually the weather is hot by now, but this year it is still mild and rainy now and then, and the poppies are blooming like crazy, including a new one that is not orange, but a pale buttery yellow.

In book news, I have finally finished Dear And Glorious Physician, which is a fictionalized story of St. Luke. It was pretty good, and the best part was that it really made the ancient world real to the reader. It had another benefit in that I was interested to read the book of Luke in the Bible again, so was reading it during church, with the commentary, so church was over before I knew it.

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