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Desert Sand Mica
9:04 a.m. - 2005-06-26

I read in the paper this morning that the lady who was driving under the influence in Danville (a nanny) and plowed into two kids got 30 years to life. She got down on her knees in court and begged for mercy. Which she did not get, thank goodness. This has caused me to think about the iron hearts of mothers. Most of us, anyway. I remember my dad, who was influenced by Clarence Darrow back in the day to abhor capital punishment, being shocked at how my mother and I both felt it had its place. We were all for eliminating the criminal from society if they threatened our children. "My," he said, "women are tough". Damn right.

Yesterday was used up picking up Abby's new car. You would think that this would be exciting, but takes a tremendous amount of boring time, sitting around, filling out papers, making phone calls to get insurance started, all not done by me, so I just read the Harry Potter book. Half my Saturday gone in utter boredom.

So today I have to make up time, by sewing and making some granola. Yesterday evening I potted up my plants so that they can grow to a nice size. I have lots of carnations and marigolds. He is digging up the center veggie bed, and pulled up my lovely sage plants, but I am hoping they will survive when he puts them back in, my screeching having saved them from the trash bin.

Abby and I also sawed down some tree limbs, including the one in front of the bees, and we were successful, only briefly having to run for our lives.

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