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Erk's Birthday
12:15 p.m. - 2005-08-20

So far, this day has been spent organizing the graduation present for Lauren, only a few months late. I made a card, found an envelope, put in the present (hint: it is green and has a picture of a famous American on it), then stuffed the finished card in my purse, because my track record for remembering at the last minute is very poor. Then he and I went outside to work in the yard. I planted onions and cabbage and flowers, pruned the rose bush, and swept up the fallen plums that were messing up the neighbors lawn. The fascination with yardwork palls quickly, so then I went in and sewed another velour cushion cover. I stuffed it with the pillow and put it on the couch. Then he took off to run some errands and go to the office, while I puttered around and watched my cooking shows.

I even remembered to put the camera in my purse to take pictures at the party tonight. How clever I am today! Right now, though, it is time to go watch The Barefoot Contessa. My favorite cooking shows are those swimming with butter.

It is four days until Abby's birthday.

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