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Flat Tire Redux
1:11 p.m. - 2005-11-13

Back from church, and now I am a little worried about Grandpa. EG says he was a little dizzy last night, but still drove them to church, and she says he drove so slowly that she thought they would never get there. Probably one of his meds acting up because he looked OK in church today. There was a sign-up sheet for the church Thanksgiving Feast, which I usually like to go to. While this was handed to me, EG asked if we were going to go. I said I would ask him, but since I am sensitive to veiled hints, I got the feeling that they would like to go but that they didn't want to drive themselves. EG clinched this notion by telling me that they didn't like to drive at night anymore. I called him on my cell phone (!) from the church parking lot and we worked out a plan. I will leave from work on the day, drive to hell and gone to pick up the EGs, come back and pick him up at the office, then off to church. I guess we will have to stop at home and get my potluck offering, but we will work that out too.

I have still heard nothing about the real Thanksgiving, but went to Costco today and bought a giant can of peach halves, so I can always take pickled peaches.

Just got a call from him that he has a flat bike tire and is stranded so must go rescue him....more later.

It is now later. I picked him up at the shopping center in Almond River, he threw the bike into the back of the pickup and off we went. We took a detour on the way home to look at the new Victorian-looking cottages going in on a lot near the library. I used to wonder about the house that was on that lot, it was an old Spanish style semi-mansion that had fallen on hard times. There was a lot of land around it, and the bones of the house were good, but the people had filled the yard full of trash and junk, and had let the place really run down. I used to feel sorry for the grand old house, but it disappeared in one day, smashed to smithereens.

Today I am cooking a big hunk of pork, pot roasting it. It will find itself eventually made into tacos, BBQ sandwiches and the like. I bought new yeast this week, so maybe I should go make some bread. Or not. Tomorrow is Jennie's birthday at work. She is fond of Bo-what's-his-name from American Idol so we decorated her desk with streamers and hundreds of pictures of him, and the boss made up masks of his face to wear when she comes in in the morning. She is also fond of SPAM, so I am going to make some snacks with crescent rolls wrapped around sticks of fried SPAM, how bad could that be?

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