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Cornmeal Rising
1:08 p.m. - 2006-02-25

I thought it was supposed to rain today, but instead, today is gorgeous. I sat up in bed for awhile this morning, knitting and watching cooking shows. I am very near finishing the first sleeve of the cornmeal cardigan. The sleeves are not knit separately, but are picked up from the armhole and knit down. I am down to the wrist ribbing. After that, I remembered that the lawyer lady is maybe coming over this afternoon, so I had to clean up the livingroom. I will be very glad to see the last of the slip covers when the new sectional is delivered in a month and a half, because straightening out those slipcovers is a real workout. No kidding, you have to sit down and rest afterward (with a little knitting thrown in). I even did an in-depth vacuum job. And now, feeling virtuous, I can goof off the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday I stuck the pork shoulder in the crockpot and we ate it for dinner with BBQ sauce, but today I took some of the leftovers and am making taco filling out of it. I find myself really using the sofrito I froze up in a burst of activity after getting the Daisy Cooks! book. It is a combo of onions, cilantro, chilis, garlic, etc. I froze it up in a silicon pan, dumped the frozen block out, and cut it into squares. When I need it, I just get out a square and throw it in the pan. Now I have a better idea, because I found a silicon mini-muffin pan so I can freeze stuff like sofrito or dried tomato pesto in it and just pop the pieces out to put in a zip lock bag. I also got energetic and put in the back screws of the sliding tray on what used to be my spice shelf in the butcher block cabinet. They were too hard for me to do when I first tried, so I asked the spouse to do it, but didn't want to wait 12 years for the job to get done, so I broke out my dremel and drilled out some holes, then put the screws in. Now I have a place for my cooling racks and assorted pans.

I can feel the tide of knitting rising in me, so I think I might actually have a chance to finish the cardigan. It will be a very handy winter jacket, so heavy it is. (A little Yoda speak).

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