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7:25 p.m. - 2006-03-30

I actually finished the cornmeal cardigan, if you can believe it. Well, I still have to sew on the buttons, but all the knitting and assembly stuff is finito. I am working on the carrot-colored (though to be honest, it is more of a pumpkin color) Must Have Cardigan and am about 8 inches up the back. It is so much more interesting to do a pattern than a plain, but I almost never knit a plain by hand, since I can whip that out on the machine at about 100 times the speed. I was a little under the weather this week so I spent a lot of time warm and cozy and knitting. Maybe these new sweaters will cause the weather to warm up, since we are just about to set an all-time record for most wet days in March.

I see poppies blooming in the neighborhood, but mine are still waiting. I want to see if the red ones sprouted from the quarter pound of seeds I threw out there. Heaven knows it rained enough to sprout them. I see the new poppy plants but want to see what color they are.

Mr. Ed is doing very well. He is supposed to walk around the neighborhood three times a day, so I see him from time to time. He looks the same as ever. His wife is trying to adjust herself to a new way of cooking, which must be hard.

I am tired of typing already, so off to knit.

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