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Is It Spring Yet?
9:01 a.m. - 2006-03-25

Here I am at the weekend again. The last part of the week was not too bad because the boss was on vacation, and even though we don't really goof off or anything, the stress level is down somewhat because there is no one there to see if you come in a few minutes late, or if you type up a knitting pattern in the slow hours.

Being a true Californian, I totally forgot to mention that we had an earthquake on Tuesday. I was standing in front of the fax machine and the building gave a rasping shudder. We just stood there quietly waiting to see what would happen. They have been doing a lot of construction upstairs so we weren't sure at first if it was an earthquake, but the boss looked up the USGS online and sent around the stats to everyone. Later in the day, the lady I deal with over at the other office downtown (a highrise) emailed me to ask if we felt the quake. She told me that their floor really rumbled and scared them, so much so that she and two of the supervisors had to go have a cigarette. I found this very funny since they are always so businesslike.

Yesterday I was driving down the freeway and a police car came onto the freeway right behind me and started weaving back and forth across all the lanes, including the lanes that were merging in. For some reason they wanted to back up all the traffic and I was the last car to get through. So that was my luck for the day. I wonder what they were looking for.

Sometimes I am so clever that I surprise even myself. Last year I bought two of my special neck pillows just because I felt like it. This year when I went back to get another one just in case, I found out that they are unavailable in my area because the hurricane depressed supplies. According to the store guy, most of the foam in the country is manufactured in Mississippi. Who knew? But lucky for me, I have a pillow in reserve and I have time to look on the internet etc.

The weatherguy says the weather is having a last gasp of rain and that the 'basic pattern' will change and spring will be here with dry warmer weather. Starting tomorrow, supposedly. I have to start my seeds so that will be fine with me.

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