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Strange Coincidence
3:16 p.m. - 2006-04-08

I am reading a Mary Stewart book called 'Thornyhold'. In this book, which I was reading yesterday morning when I should have been doing my exercises, I came across a description of an insect nymph emerging from a pond, crawling up a reed, breaking out of its old skin, unfurling its wings and presto, a new dragonfly! When I got to work, I went to the front desk to pick up the mail, and since I had to wait while the receptionist logged in the new deliveries, I sat down and looked at the only magazine there. It was a National Geographic which I opened to see, guess what, colored pictures of a nymph emerging from its old skin to become a dragonfly!

Remember a year or two (or more, I forget) ago when I couldn't find the manual for my bulky knitting machine? I was totally annoyed that it went walkabout, and even (I apologize, Melissa) suspected my daughter of losing it because she had been looking at it. I managed to order another one from a shop in a blue state, then made multiple copies of it so I would never lose it again. Well, the original finally decided to turn up. It turns out that when I had the big sewing room closet clean-up, it got mixed up with some other magazines and stacked up in the closet. Today I was squirreling away some new yarn purchases and found it.

This morning, I sat in bed reading until about 10:00, which is very unusual for me. Then I went out a little, driving to San Ramon. Seems to me that the knitting machine shop lady told me she was moving the shop to Dublin after the first of the year, but even though I called directory assistance, I could not find the new shop. Guess I will have to wait for the new phone book to come out. Instead, I went to Bay Books and got some Texas cookbooks. My goals for the rest of the weekend are 1. vacuum the bedroom (done), and 2. get something started on the knitting machine. While I was stashing the yarn, I also found a stack of old knitting books from the forties that I haven't looked at in a long time, so I just have to look at those before I do any work.

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