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Tube Top Tantrum
6:05 p.m. - 2006-04-11

Oh my gosh, I am a knitting fiend at the moment. I finished that cornmeal cardigan and somehow that relit my enthusiasm, much more than the lingering, conscious-twinging, unfinished project ever did. So I started the Must Have Cardigan, and it is very lovely in the rich orange color, and now I am making a kelly green Raglan cardigan on the knitting machine. I am almost done with the entire back, even though I have only been working on it for two lunch hours. What shall I do with the front? Should I have a V-neck cardigan with pockets, or a round-neck with cable panels up the front? One of these days I want to try putting a collar on something too, but that might be better on a sport weight. I was sitting at work, obviously with my mind not on the job, and I think I have figured out a way to put a hood on and cover up the neck seam. It should be fairly easy on the machine, so I will have to try it out.

Why oh why are teenagers so, what is the polite word, oh heck, just say it, STUPID. At my dad's birthday party on Saturday, I caught some of the nieces in the bedroom on the My Space site, trading their addresses or logging in as friends, or whatever it is they do on that perv site. One of them brought up her picture that she has on her area of the site, and she is wearing a tube top in the picture!!! Why doesn't she just put up a banner that says, "Come and get me all you child predators, here's where I live!".

Better go finish up dinner. Only 4 days til tax season is over....

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