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September Week
1:32 p.m. - 2006-09-09

Another week of unemployment has gone by and what oh what did I do with it? I knitted socks. I cooked. Then I got to thinking about that bag of wool Auntie M gave me and started the Felted Clogs. It is an interesting pattern to knit, but made a little difficult toward the end by the fact that I only had 29" needles instead of the 24" ones called for. After endless readjustments to the stitches and needles, I decided to knit the next one on straight needles, for which the pattern has a few directions. It all turned out fine, and the felting was interesting, if endless. After Melissa went home with the pink clogs, I called Abby up to see what color she wanted, and she chose black. They are at this minute in the washer turning into two extremely fuzzy black sausages. It took about three washer cycles and two stints in the dryer for Melissa's pair so I am thinking the black should be the same. M's took two days to dry after that but she reports that they are indeed comfy and nice. There is still a ginormous bag of wool out there so I may knit myself a hat. Maybe a red hat.

To go along with all this sock knitting for Abby, I have been watching the first season of Veronica Mars. I really like the show in spite of its high school setting. My stint as a high school teacher in real life has given me a jaundiced view of teenage movies etc, so I was surprised to find I like this show. In return, Melissa is watching my DVD of Alien Nation.

In addition to knitting, I have planted most of the perennials I started from seed, so next spring should be a colorful show in the front yard. I was afraid it would stay hot and the plants would get overgrown before I could plant them, but the last few days have felt like fall. I felt the breeze and rushed out in the morning to dig and plant.

Today he actually made a food request and asked for some ribs. I got ribs at the costco and slathered them with rub (recipe from the BBQ Queens book). They are now in the Crockpot BBQ Pit thingy and will stay there for 5 to 6 hours. I see other food related chores looming ahead of me, including half a big box of apples to make into applesauce, a freezer to clean out and rearrange, and maybe a cake to bake. I don't have any big family dinners for a few weeks, since Joel's birthday is not until the end of September, so I can cook what I want. I hear that the EG's are not going to be here for Thanksgiving, so I only have to cook for one Thanksgiving this year. It will be a nice rest.

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