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Sock Moon Waning
12:11 p.m. - 2006-09-18

In the last month I have made about 17 pairs of socks. Most were successful, some were too thick, too fat, too short or too weird. I am now working on a Regia pair that bore me, a plain top-down pair. The first sock is done and I am shortly to cast on for the second sock. I am tired of socks, though I like looking at the completed pairs in the drawer in Abby's room, waiting to be shipped off.

Now that the sock thing has faded, I am in the transitional stage that I get into where I am tired of what I was doing but not sure what to do next. I call it the "waffle" stage because I think of one thing, then another, but can't get the energy to start anything. This leads to increased TV viewership and some housework getting done, so it is not all bad, just boring. I really need some more shirts, so should start sewing something.

Last night I made a Mexican dinner, with Enchiladas Verde, beans, watermelon, and mounds of guacamole. We were going to have rice too, but I got distracted and burned it to a crisp. This is not the first time this has happened. I mixed up some tortillas, and I rolled them out while Melissa fried them up on the comal. I used the tortilla recipe in 'Rancho Cooking', and the recipe gets my seal of approval. This morning for breakfast I had a leftover tortilla stuffed full with all the leftover guac, and delicious it was. I was going to make the guac in the molcajete, but I got lazy and just used a potato masher. This recipe is different from the one my mom always used, which was basically salsa stirred into avocado. I was trying out the Rick Bayless recipe, which also calls for some white onion, and though Melissa likes this, I am not so sure I do. I also leave out the lime juice, not wanting to break out in spots myself, which means the guac has to be eaten fast, in large quantities, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Poor Abby was just getting to like guac when she found out it is off limits because of the latex allergy.

Today I have to bake some chocolate cakes for Grandpa's birthday tomorrow. Other than that, I will just continue to waffle around with some laundry thrown in.

The lean summer TV season is over and the new shows are starting. We are liking the new Survivor, Amazing Race, and Vanished. I have finished the DVD of Veronica Mars, and am looking forward to the new season. What a good and funny show that is, very clever dialog. How can you not like a spunky teenager who carries a stun gun? I also have watched some videos from the library and would like to warn the public to avoid a movie called "Barton Fink" which was not a film to lift your spirits. Though John Goodman makes an excellent crazy guy. I was surprised by Daddy Daycare, which I liked, though I usually don't like the generally smutty Eddie Murphy movies. The kids in the movie were not the usual highly annoying Hollywood idea of kids, so the movie was miles ahead of the Cheaper By the Dozen, Steve Martin movie, which absolutely stank.

OK, I have managed to kill enough time until the library opens, so now I will go get more books and videos.

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