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No Workmen Today
8:27 a.m. - 2007-01-22

A nice sunny week with beautiful days and frosty nights. I think the poor citrus trees are nipped, and who knows what will befall my freesias, but there is a feeling of spring coming. It is only January and we already have taken down the Christmas tree, though the "we" is editorial only as he did all the work. He began by looking for the boxes the ornaments came out of - two xerox boxes - and he couldn't find them anywhere. We looked in every room and even out in the shed. He was truly puzzled at their total disappearance. Finally, he gave up and got the box the tree is stored in, finding stuffed inside it the ornament boxes. I found this very funny, but he was not so amused.

Yesterday we walked downtown for our morning exercise. It was quite frosty, but we decided to try the little cafe that is kittycorner from the downtown senior center. It used to be a little hamburger grill, but when we went into it we found that it is now a yuppie-type breakfast and lunch place. The breakfast was fast, good, and cheap, so maybe it is an OK place after all. I was pretty tired when we got home though, so I must need to build up my walking muscles.

Today I am going to try to jump start my sewing since I have been in a slum since before Christmas. The last things I sewed were the knitting bag and accessories for Melissa. I have her green-striped blouse half sewn, so I am going to try to do something, anything, on it today.

Time for a movie review. I watched 'The Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio' yesterday. It was quite depressing because the wife should have told her husband off long since or at least have gotten herself over to Alanon. Anyhow, what amused me was that in real life, the rotten husband got his cosmic comeuppance because his daughter wrote a book about him and now all the world knows what a skunk he was (if the movie was accurate or even partly so). So I guess that was a revenge movie.

I am now about 1/4 done with the sleeves to the Must-Have Cardigan.

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