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Keeping Busy
9:40 a.m. - 2007-01-19

Holy cats, what a week. All that worry about my dad, then driving him to the doctors and helping him out, plus the usual household disasters etc, but now he is doing great, and the docs say he can drive again. Plus, it was demonstrated to him with absolute clarity how much he means to all of us, so he is pleased about that. On top of that good news, the Abster reports that her first-choice company has given her an employment offer. It is right nearby here so she will be able to come back to California and start her new life post college. They will also pay to ship her stuff back here and pay some of the cost of driving her back across the country. Now both of my girls will be gainfully employed, which gladdens a mother's heart.

My diet is going well. I like this South Beach Diet because I can eat carbs as long as they are whole grain, and with King Arthur White Wheat Flour, the rolls, tortillas and other things I make don't taste so 'grainy'. I have lost about 10 pounds so far. I am glad my doctor recommended the diet to me.

The sleeves of the Must-Have Cardigan are coming along, and would go faster if I didn't get carried away and forget the increases. I have also cast on for the other blue Regia sock, because the first sock has been languishing alone since before Christmas. I have to get this pair out of the way so I can start several new sock projects: Lorna's Laces Sherbet colors, Trekking XXL in a pink colorway, and black lace dress socks for both girls. I got a great lace sock pattern in Sacramento, and I want to try it out. It is Fiber Trends AC-58, Leaf Lace Socks.

I also have to get back to the sewing. I have several blouses cut out and must finish them, but let's face it, it is freezing in the bedroom so the thought does not appeal. We are having frost every morning, and no sign of the almond blossoms, so it is definitely not spring yet.

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