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Pinching Pennies
1:51 p.m. - 2007-02-08

We are trying to save money for the next two months, so I get to enter a period of no shopping whatsoever, except for food and necessities. This means no fabric, yarn, etc, so this is ending up to be the spring of using my stash of fabric and yarn, and diligent using up of the food stores that I have here in the house. This does not mean that I can't have fun at Stitches and the Bead Show, because I have birthday and spending money saved up for that, so I am good to go. So far I have started a purse made with ranch red prints of decorator fabric, and I finally figured out how to sew an adjustable strap using a D-ring and buckle adjuster thingy. Except for sewing the strap on backward at first and having to rip it out, but now I am sewing on the bag sides.

I also started a sweater to put on the knitting machine. I am knitting a lace border from Knitting On The Edge and will hang it on the machine and go from there. I do not have a mind that can handle multiple repeats of a lace pattern across the body of a sweater without making some goof or other and not spotting it, so I like to have markers between each repeat. I had read some place about using 'O' rings from the hardware store as markers, so I checked it out while I was there, and sure, they have rubber and metal rings, but they cost about 39 cents apiece, which is way way too pricey for markers. So I scraped up a few quarters from the coin jar and went to Safeway and bought a box of Neon Straws, in bright green, pink, orange and purple. I just cut them into rings and I am set. Box only cost 89 cents for 40 straws. Plus, I don't feel bad when one goes walkabout, or more accurately, flyabout.

I cooked my first beef tenderloin ever the other day. Not a big pricey roast, but some medallions they had at Costco. I somehow cooked them just right and got effusive complements from the spouse. Isn't it lucky that I made a nice visit to Costco before the Big Budget Decision?? Now, to sweeten up the pared-down life we are to lead, I think I am going to make him some brownies and cookies. I try to sneak in some whole grains and more healthy fats because if I don't make them for him, he is just going to buy some at the bakery or store that will be worse.

My weight loss has stalled or slowed, so now I am walking every day to see if that helps. In addition to that, I am doing the Healthrider and weights on alternate days. I guess I haven't walked around the neighborhood for the last some years (while I was stuck in an office) because lots of houses have been upgraded and changed. It is interesting to look at everything. Still hardly any signs of spring, though I did see some jonquils blooming over by the adult ed school.

I still have to send in the seed order, but have to consult the Budget Master to see what amount I am to be allowed this year.

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