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Nothing Much
7:37 a.m. - 2007-08-17

Not much going on this week except for MORE FRUIT. Good gracious, I am tired of standing at the sink peeling fruit. I have bags and bags of pears to process, but luckily they are not all ripe yet. You pick the pears greenish and they ripen in a bag with their friends. We had more pears from our tree than I expected, and then my dad gave me several bags from the millionaire tree. We were over there picking them the other day, and the tree looked nearly empty at first, viewed from the back room, but when we got around to the far side, it was so loaded down the branches were bent to the ground. I am running out of freezer room. I just make a syrup, blanch the peeled, quartered pears in the syrup, and freeze them up.

I just finished reading Cotillion by Georgette Heyer, which, by the way, the internet says is pronounced 'hair'. I am sorry, but it will always be 'high-er' to me. Anyhow, Cotillion is a very good book. Took me awhile to get into the characters, then it ended up being one of my favorite Heyers. Now I am reading Lady of Quality, which I have never read before.

I decided to start a bunch of zinnias to see if I could get some blooms before the winter sets in. Sometimes the weather is pretty nice up until December so it is worth a try. I went out and set them out this morning. I have a lot of fall gardening going on out there, mostly green beans and summer squash.

I think I am in the summer doldrums, too lazy to do much. I should go work on the grey sweater and do some laundry.

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