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6:00 p.m. - 2007-08-30

Another hot, hot week in Northern California. Yesterday the thermometer said 110 but the sun was shining on it, so my guess is about 104. Today is the same, but just now a big breeze has kicked up, which might mean that the fog is trying to break through the high pressure to steal its way inland. Here's hoping.

I am trying to do a little knitting or sewing every day, but it is just too hot to do much. Today I cut out a top for Abby and pressed some of that Indian print fabric (East Indian, not American) for a peasant blouse for Melissa. I also signed up for a class in adult ed that is for personal pattern fitting. The instructor is supposed to fit the pattern of your choice to you. I have always wanted a really good-fitting blouse pattern so I signed on.

In spite of the heat, I am cooking dinner because I just got really tired of eating sandwiches. I am making hamburger and potatoes, and we will have the marinated bean salad I made yesterday with it.

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