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8:50 a.m. - 2007-09-09

Yesterday was an exercise in semi-futility for both of us. I drove all the way to Kaiser to pick up my prescriptions at the pharmacy only to find that they have changed their hours and are now closed on Saturdays. He received the package in the mail full of documents for some client, then he drove all the way into the next town to take the documents to his office only to find that they are doing work on the elevators this weekend so he couldn't get up to the office.

Earlier, it was bedspread day. This is the day, a nice hot day, that we take the enormously heavy and thick quilted bedspread that Abby made for us to the laundromat to wash in the huge turbo-jet-engine-costs-$5-a-wash washer they have there. After it is clean, we haul it home and spread it to dry over the clothesline which has been draped with a clean sheet. Then we spread another clean sheet over the bedspread to protect it while it dries. We have to maneuver the heavy wet spread and sheets while we are each standing on ladders on opposite sides of the square-shaped clothesline. This used to be a difficult task until we figured out the ladder routine, so we were pleased at how efficiently we managed it this year.

On my way back from the trip to the pharmacy though, I saw a sign for an estate sale later this week in Almond River. I think I will go take a look on the day and see if there is any sewing or knitting stuff.

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