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New Dress
8:34 a.m. - 2008-03-04

Lots of fun stuff coming up this month. The girls and I are going to go see the movie, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, because it looks terrific and because we can't resist Ciaran Hinds. There is also a library book sale this weekend. The girls are going to go shopping with me to be my fashion consultants since I need a new dress for a business function in Monterey next month. It will be another charity auction type deal where people spend molto bucks on different donated items. These functions are not only fun for watching the rich people and organizations spend money, but it is also a fun fashion parade if you are a people watcher like me. I have not bought an actual dress in about 20 years, so I have no idea what looks good on me or even what is out there to buy. One of the girls told me that the 80's are coming back in, fashionwise, so I could probably wear that black number with the sparkle sleeves that still resides in my closet. I think the girl was being sarcastic, though.

Easter is approaching and will be held at the EG's this year. I have not gotten my orders for food to bring yet, but if I am to bring the dessert, I think I will make a Pavlova. Instead of the whipped cream, I could use vanilla yogurt for my portion, and lots of lovely berries in syrup. I could also make the Raspberry Mousse cake in my new book since it is pretty as well as tasty. It has layers of sponge cake surrounded by a, what else, raspberry mousse. I am hoping that EG makes that wonderful ham loaf she made last year.

Today I am going to go try to dig out a (little)tree for my morning exercise, so I should go get started.

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