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Christmas Countdown
5:38 p.m. - 2008-12-22

Now I enter into the food prep pre-Christmas time of the season. For Christmas Eve I have to make deviled eggs and a cheese ball, plus some cheese zombies. I have some sharp cheddar for the zombies, but certain girls are requesting that the zombies be made with velveeta, something I have never tried before. Won't it all liquify and leak out of the plump, fluffy rolls? Only time will tell. Then for Christmas dinner, I have received my marching orders from EG and have to make rolls, a vegetable casserole, and Abby has to make a dessert. Luckily, I thought ahead about this one, and I have a big bag of frozen zucchini and summer squash from our garden in the freezer and will make the Paula Deen Summer Squash Casserole, minus the almost whole cube of butter the recipe calls for. Oh, I was forgetting Christmas breakfast, and a certain girl has requested french toast and bacon, and I also had a bunch of sausage left over from when I made pizza yesterday, so I made some sausage gravy to serve over biscuits . Hmm, I don't even have any good french toast bread in the house so I will have to remember to make some bread tomorrow.

The spouse actually started putting the tree up. He wants to wait for Abby to get here to help him with the ornaments, but during the painting activities over at Melissa's new house, he forgot to bring home my stepladder, which, he tells me, is now covered with even more paint spots. I have been surprised to discover how much I used that stepladder now that I don't have it here.

We are going to have a rainy cold Christmas, but at least we are not snowbound and the driving conditions are not too bad.

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