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Yellow Sweater Ready To Assemble
3:50 p.m. - 2009-02-10

I managed to knit a whole sweater in the last few days, and now I have to get it put together. Instead of doing that today, I cut out the blouse for Ab, so I can try the muslin on her when she is here this weekend for January's birthday party. I also, wait for it.... got out the Must Have Cardigan and started working on it again!! Years in the making, and all it needs are for me to finish the sleeves. While doing this, I am thinking about the next cardigan, which will be periwinkle blue or cocoa tan. I had to move a big pile of stuff next to the knitting machine so that I could run the carriage to the very end of the machine for the sweater back, and this opened up access to the other boxes of old knitting pamphlets I have in the corner. I looked through them, including some old McCalls Needleworks from the early fifties, and found my grandmother's old cross stitch pattern book from Mexico. Maybe I can use some of those old patterns on a blouse for one of the girls. I also found some other old embroidery pattern stuff that came from a stack of odds and ends from Mimi. Now I have all the embroidery stuff in one location.

Today I had a list of chores to do, so I got right up, ironed shirts, made the bed, started laundry, and started bread dough for some cinnamon rolls. It always surprises me when I manage to be efficient. I am out of powdered sugar for the glaze, so I took the extra cinnamon sugar (which also had nutmeg and a little bit of cloves in it), added lots more sugar, some water, butter, pinch of salt, and a splash of buttermilk, and boiled it up. When the rolls came out, I drizzled the glaze over them while they were hot. Then I ate one. Totally awesome. Now I have the breadmaker going to make some rye bread (this is my lazy way of cleaning out the pan when I have made dough).

I picked out a cable panel to put on a new cardigan and typed up instructions row by row into an Excel spreadsheet. Now I can't remember how to get the printing smaller in the cells, so I will have to try and figure that out, because it printed column B on a separate sheet. I love my knitting spreadsheets, because it helps me always know where I am. For example, I know I am on row 48 of the sleeves for the Must Have because I mark every 20 rows with a safety pin, and I can just look on the spreadsheet to see where I am in the cable instuctions.

I have no idea what I will make for dinner tonight. Maybe I should just make potato soup and we can eat that with cinnamon rolls.

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