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Laundry Miracle
7:22 a.m. - 2009-05-09

Melissa took me to see the Star Trek movie yesterday as a mother's day present, and what a movie! I loved it. Not only were there terrific special effects and all of our favorite characters, but Simon Pegg was in it, too!

Yesterday incredible things were happening out in the garage where I was attempting to do some laundry. When I took the load out of the dryer, a load that included my husband's best shirts, a pen fell out with the clothes. You all know this is a terrible sign of ghastly things to come. In my mind's eye, I saw all his shirts ruined and the horrible amount of money, which we don't presently have, it would take to replace them. I removed the pen (which luckily is the spouse's and not mine) and started looking the load over. An old nightgown of mine and one T-shirt of his were totally stained with huge splotches of bright blue ink, but not one other thing had any stains whatsoever. Well, one of his shirts had one little dot on the (just imagine the likelihood of this) under collar where it doesn't show. It is amazing but true.

After all we went through last year, it is hard to hear that the state has started burning up again. This time it is down south, but we are in a drought and the weather is heating up. That smoke last year was the worst.

Now for an update on YWII (Yard War II). The squirrels were attacking the fruit trees and digging up the lawn, so I found a long piece of metal pie, an empty milk jug, and the drip plate from a big potting pot, some metal tape, and made myself a squirrel feeder. It took the squirrels about two days to discover it, but now they leap from the fence onto the baffle, scale the pipe easily, and eat the feed out of the upsidedown jug with a hole in the side. Now I just have to put water in the bird bath, and they will have no excuse for eating my crops.

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