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37 Years and Counting
7:38 a.m. - 2009-08-27

Finally back in the sewing groove. I made two tops for Abby, one white peasant top that fit very well and looked great on her, and one with the same pattern but shorter sleeves that used up a scrap of linen and looked adequate but not great. Now I am making a creamy yellow peasant top with white embroidery around the neckline opening. The embroidery doesn't show up as well as I would like, but I am trying a new kind of placket in the front, so that is interesting. After I finish this one, probably today or tomorrow, I will try sewing up the PMB shirt pattern. I have a raw silk shirt for myself half done, too, and have to finish the cuffs, side seams, and buttonholes.

My anniversary was this week. We went out to dinner at his choice, The Outback, then went home to watch a movie I had rented. When I got up the next morning, the spouse greeted me with the news that something was wrong with the washing machine. He had flooded the garage trying to wash a load of his clothes. I suspected that the drain line between the kitchen sink and the laundry sink was clogged because it has been draining slowly for years and this caused the sink to overflow, so I called out the drain people. I had them clean out the main drain, too, since having it done now would save me about $100, which I would have to pay if I waited a few months for it to back up again (which it would, right on schedule). So now maybe I won't have that really loud gurgling in the kitchen drain every time I wash a load of clothes.

The movie we watched was 17 Again, and it was a pleasant movie except for the ooky semi-sexy scenes between the father and daughter characters. I like the way this theme was handled more appropriately in the Back To The Future movies, where the mother found herself mysteriously repelled by the son by some instinct. Last week I actually went to a movie theater and saw Julie and Julia, and I liked the movie very much. The girls really liked the movie, District 9, so I would like to see that on the big screen.

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