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Water As A Weapon
8:34 a.m. - 2009-08-21

Let's see now, what have I been doing lately?? Not much, since it has been hot. I water the garden, carefully timing the watering so that we stay within out alloted water ration. I hate droughts. However, how great is it that we have always been water spendthrifts, causing our allotment to be nice and high? You get to have a percentage of the water you used the year before last, since last year we were supposed to be conserving. Which we were, sort of. The garden is really producing well, especially the pole beans. I was wondering if they would every have any beans on them, but the very tall, huge mass of vines is putting out lots and lots of beans. Unfortunately, I didn't know that the vines would be so long, so the support got too top heavy and fell over on the cucumbers. Oh well, makes them easier to pick.

I finally finished a blouse for Abby, a white, more-fitted, raglan-sleeved, 3/4-length-sleeve, cotton top. I trimmed it with a small piece of hairpin lace that has been languishing in the sewing room for years and years. Once it was sewn onto the top, I noticed that it looked really yellowed next to the white cotton. After the blouse was finished, I just washed the whole thing in with the towels to take advantage of the bleach, and the trim whitened up wonderfully. When we go to see her on her birthday, she can try it on, and if it fits, I can make more of them in various colors.

This morning I surprised one of those dratted squirrels up in the fig tree, and I managed to get him pretty thoroughly with the hose. The column in the paper that deals with wildlife says that this is the method of scaring them out of the yard that is recommended. I can't say that I find it very effective, but it certainly is fun and has a big element of payback.

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