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8:03 a.m. - 2010-03-02

I have been very busy lately with family obligations, but I try to fit in some sewing and knitting when I can. I am making skirts and tops for Abby, knitting an aqua sweater for myself, and doing various mending and other chores. If it ever stops raining, I will have to start the seeds for this year's garden. As usual, I lost the catalog from Nichol's Garden Seeds, so I had to place the order online. I told WSP that as soon as the order was placed the catalog would show up, and so it turned out. We are having a less complicated garden this year with lots of pole beans, a big success last year in spite of the collapse of the trellis, cucumbers, winter and summer squash, basil, onions, and beets/carrots. We found some inexpensive onion sets at the new Lowe's in town so I am going to try those for a change. The garden will be bigger because the world has gone all hopey/changey and we need to save money.

Melissa and I went to Stitches with my sisters this last weekend. I did all the driving, and the weather was mostly kind to us. I only had to drive home in blinding rain on Friday. I didn't find a big purchase this year, just got one skein of Miss Babs sock yarn in a gorgeous red orange to make a shawlette someday and a few patterns. Oh, I also got a book explaining the traditional method of knitting an Aran sweater from the neck down which ends up looking like a saddle shoulder garment.

My brother's family and I take turns taking dinner for everyone over to my dad's house once a week, but my brother is having refrigerator troubles (they delivered the wrong size, delivered another that didn't work, etc.), so I have been making the dinner for the past three weeks. One week I made hot dog tacos, the next week I made spaghetti and garlic bread, and this week I am thinking of making Italian Sausage Soup, salad, and corn bread. In other cooking adventures, yesterday I was trying to make cinnamon rolls for the spouse's office using a yellow cake mix for part of the flour. For some reason it just wouldn't rise like it was supposed to. Was it the cake mix or is my yeast fading? Anyway the resulting cinnamon rolls were tasty but more bicuity than yeasty, so I packaged them up and told the spouse to call them cinnamon scones at the office instead. Hopefully they will get eaten and enjoyed.

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