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Early Spring
5:38 p.m. - 2010-03-09

Abby has been trying the exercises recommended by her doctor, and has found them so good that she is trying to get me to try them. This weekend she showed me what exercises I should do (The Egoscue Method)and put me through the routine. Most of the exercises involve lying around with your feet or legs up, and trying not to fall asleep, so, as exercises go, these are definitely up my alley. We xeroxed off the instructions and I glued the pictures and instructions to a large piece of poster board. It is supposed to help align your muscles and body so you don't, for example, hurt your knees or back, or other injuries of advancing age.

It is still cold as heck here, in the 30's last night, but at least it is not rainy this particular minute. Soon it will be time to get the seeds started. The neighbor got a new roommate with two big dogs, and the dogs leap up trying to jump over the fence, and hurl themselves against the aged fence, scaring me when I am trying to hang the clothes. WSP broached the subject of said scary dogs with the neighbor, and neighbor guy says the dogs are just nervous adjusting to a new abode and will settle down. Here's hoping. I will admit that they seem to be less violent as time goes on. Especially since I blast them with the hose every time they jump up on the fence. My humming or singing really sets them off, which is not flattering.

Today I am trying something I always wanted to try - making spaghetti sauce with stew meat instead of hamburger in the crockpot. It really smelled great when I came back to the house after a trip to the post office.

Lovely rainbow yesterday.

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