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Back To School, Sort of
2:10 p.m. - 2010-05-26

I have been putting off learning two new things: how to work my PMB (Pattern Master Boutique pattern drafting software), and how to work the embroidery machine Eileen gave to me. I decided that I can't just figure it all out in one fell swoop, so I should just pretend that I am going back to school and take a class for each subject. Today I read the manual a little for the PMB and tried a few things. I am starting to get interested in trying the embroidery machine so will try a little every day for that too.

In the meantime, there is the garden to get in. I started the cuks and the beets in seed cubes and also lots of zinnias, but what I really need to do is to clean out the cold frame, patch it up and speed up the seed starting. If only it would stop raining so that I could do the patching. The plastic covered cold frame was supposed to be sunlight resistant and last for years, but maybe they only meant 2 years. The important thing to me is the frame, though. Even if the plastic rots, I can cover the frame with new plastic and keep going. I used to be able to get a roll of the clear plastic for about $7 but now I see that it is about $25, which is a ripoff royal. It's only plastic sheeting for Pete's sake.

In sewing news, there isn't much because my two machines are still in the shop. The shop is so busy that there is a three week waiting period after you take the ailing machines in, so I have started using the machine Aunt S gave to me and which I gave to Melissa. It is a Husqvarna and seems to be a good machine. But that is another new thing I had to figure out. Anyway, I crocheted some edgings and cut out another top for Abby. I decided to go back to the Smart and Final and get some more of those dishtowels to sew with, but they discontinued them. I should have stocked up when I had the chance, but it's not as though I don't have enough fabric to work with in spite of this disappointment. I went into Berkeley yesterday to to go Lacis and to the fabric store, and I bought some vintage embroidery patterns and a smaller Vary Form Ruler (metal).

In upcoming plans, I want to draft some more apron patterns using the vintage pattern pictures as a guide, and I want to draft out some full slip patterns for the girls. Melissa tells me that it is hard to find nice full slips in the stores now. After discussing this with some young women, the general opinion was "What is a full slip?" so fashion knowledge has faded away. Slips help your clothes to stay clean and also protect the wearer from scratchy garments. They act like a lining when there isn't one. Right now I am cutting down the necklines on two nightgowns I bought which were very nice gowns except for the inexplicably high necklines. I found some matching fabic and cut out some bias binding (not easy on a slinky fabric) so will cut down the neckline and bind it. Which I am going to go do right now.

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