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Digging Out
11:05 a.m. - 2010-08-21

Today I am cleaning up a little. I am packing up a bag for the goodwill and getting some of the extra junk out of the living room and kitchen. Right now there are boxes of canning jars and jars of jelly messing the place up, but that's only temporary. I think that if I only had a library room, and two other empty rooms, this could be a showplace. Ha.

I have a top cut out to sew for Melissa, but I am not feeling the mojo. I did finish off that lingering pair of socks for Abby, and right away got out the two Wendy Knits books to look over the patterns for toe-up socks. I also really want to make something with free motion embroidery on it, but have been so busy with the dad and all the errands that haven't gotten anything started yet.

The dog next door has taken a dislike to my husband (see previous entry where I describe how the spouse was barking at the dog through the fence). Every time WSP goes through the gate, the big dark dog hurls himself against the fence in a frenzy of hatred. Unfortunately for him, I am usually waiting there with the squirter bottle of vinegar, and he takes a hit squarely in the face. This leads to his whining and rolling around in the grass in agony (I like to think, but probably just annoyance). You would think he would remember this, right? But no, a few days go by and there he is again. I would be lying if I claimed I did not enjoy this battle between us. The dog is young, and hopefully he will eventually learn. He is already VERY leery of me. If he catches sight of me, he won't come near the fence, so this is a good sign that animal control knows what they are talking about. I never would have thought of vinegar except for their advice.

Eric's birthday party went very well. I had made the pot roast a day ahead, and took it over to Jason's in the morning. When Auntie M arrived from out of town, she put the cold pot roast in crockpots so it would heat up for that night and took out the strawberries to thaw. Meanwhile, I was home baking a big loaf of buttermilk bread, making a cucumber salad, and picking eenies to cook that night. January brought a salad, and Abby made the shortcakes. She put a dash of cinnamon and some special flavoring in the shortcakes, and they were especially delicious. Auntie M used the broth from the pot roasts to make her usual fabulous gravy, and Jane & Joel arrived with some boiled potatoes. It is so much easier when the meal is sort of a potluck, and since we are a bunch of good cooks, everything is very tasty.

Well, back to work. I think there are some towels to hang out.

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