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Thelma and Louise
12:55 p.m. - 2012-02-25

The gas prices are going way up again, though I don't know what they hope to gain from this (well, I know what our exalted leader hopes to gain, but I mean the gas companies) because the last time this happened people cut down their driving and vacationing so much that the expected profit didn't materialize. We'll see what happens. I can walk to the stores and bike other places, but I need a good rolly cart to carry groceries.

I read in the paper this morning that four 'ladies' around the age of 21 shot up the Penneys at the mall, or maybe they didn't start shooting until right outside the doors. Shoplifters are getting frisky it seems. When the security guy tried to arrest them when they stole merchandise, they whipped out a gun and started shooting. Then they jumped in a car and sped off in the direction of Antioch, which seems to be developing into a hotbed of criminal activity. Unfortunately for them, they must not be good at the getaway because all four are in custody. They were nabbed only 10 minutes later when the police caught up with them and ordered them out of their car at the Port Chicago Highway exit from Highway 4. I wonder what they were stealing?? The police statement: "It's just a crazy one. It's one of those crazy ones where we were fortunate at the end. It's very lucky nobody was injured or worse."

Another strange thing - I went out to water the front flower bed and couldn't find the sprinkler or any of the hose attachments so just let the hose run in the area. Later, the spouse asked if I had put the hose accessories somewhere, but no, they must have been stolen right out of the front yard. So many people are selling scrap metal now that you have to chain down everything. No, they would probably steal the chain, too.

Other than strange crime stories, the spring weather is (knock on wood) very nice and the fruit trees are starting to bloom. I keep forgetting to send in the seed order so I'd better get on that. UPDATE: I found the hose accessories in the backyard, so the spouse was wrong about a robbery, thank goodness.

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