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Almost Fall
5:36 p.m. - 2012-09-06

In California, the weather is almost always horribly hot when school starts up again. This is because lots of schools have no AC, so the weather tries to make all the kids completely miserable. As if they weren't already miserable about having to go to public school in California.

I will be glad when the conventions are over, though the Republican one was pretty good. I did get a laugh out of the Dem convention what with their 'War On Women' theme and all. They are so pro women that they had an accused rapist, serial womanizer, and disbarred lawyer give the second most important speech. Politics is peculiar territory.

I am actually harvesting lots of paste tomatoes from the plants I bought at the nursery in Sebastopol. The plants are still alive even this late in the season, and the spouse tells me that there are still lots of greens tomatoes on the vines. I wash them, then I just stick them in a ziplock back and toss them into the freezer. I am not going to use them for fresh eating, but when they thaw a little, the skins will slip right off and I can put them in soups and other dishes. I have some lettuces and cabbages started and will put them in two planters that I have for winter eating. This is an experiment, though I did do the same with some lettuces last spring and it worked out well.

I am sitting here trying to think of some non-mundane event to write about, but can't think of anything so I will just go start dinner.

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